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Board-Certified Attorney Featured in 904 Magazine

Firm health care attorney, Charmaine T. M. Chiu, was listed in the October issue of 904 magazine for her board certification in Health Law. The magazine highlighted Jacksonville’s Top Lawyers 2014.

According to The Florida Bar, approximately 4,600 lawyers in Florida are board certified. A board certified lawyer is an attorney who has received the highest level of certification from The Bar and meets one of more of the standards set by the Florida Supreme Court.

Some of the standards include: practicing law for at least five years; substantial involvement in the attorney’s given field; receive peer reviews in terms of character, ethics, and professionalism; and pass the required exam. A board certified lawyer is a professional who has taken the extra effort to further his or her expertise and become recognized in the community.

The full list of board certified lawyers can be found at

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