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Firm Attorney Lectures at UNF

Firm attorney Dr. Andrew H. Sauer recently lectured at the University of North Florida for a course on the History of Medicine and Disease by invitation of the school’s Professor of History, David Courtwright.

The lecture was titled “Medical Malpractice in Florida: Recent History and Policy Implications.” The lecture included a historical review of the effects of the medical malpractice system that culminated in the medical malpractice crisis of the early 2000’s.

The lecture also included an analysis of the legislative response to the crisis and, in turn, the judicial response to the legislature and its implications for the current medical-legal landscape.

Professor Courtwright invited Dr. Sauer to share an insider’s perspective on the malpractice crisis and to describe what it means for both patients and physicians.

He commented, “Dr. Sauer generously engaged the students, discussing key cases and fielding their many questions. He also talked about what it was like to practice as both a physician and a lawyer, and how he balanced those aspects of his professional life–something not always easy to do.”

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