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Five Tips for Becoming a Better E-Discovery Customer

Attorney R. Christopher Dix recently wrote an article for the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) Bits & Bytes newsletter titled “5 Tips for Becoming a Better E-Discovery Customer.”

In this article, Dix outlines that e-discovery customers — the attorneys, litigation support specialists, IT professionals and other individuals with control over e-discovery decision-making — need to change in order to increase their efficiency and reduce their e-discovery costs.

Dix provides five suggestions for e-discovery customers which include:

1) Asking a e-discovery friend for assistance

2) Attending a e-discovery conference

3) Hiring the right help

4) Talking with vendors

5) Avoiding long-term contracts

Opportunities exist for e-discovery decision-makers to reduce costs and increase efficiency without sacrificing quality or security.

Read more of Dix’s article by clicking here.




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