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Business Journal Article Utilizes Firm Health Care Knowledge

The cover story for the June 20 edition of the Jacksonville Business Journal titled “A Personal Touch” featured health care knowledge and insight from two of the firm attorneys, Bryan L. Putnal and Jeanne E. Helton.

The article focuses on the rise of concierge medical services. The concept of concierge medicine is that for a membership fee, a doctor offers same-day appointments, 24/7 access, personal coordination with specialists and the convenience of in-home or office visits if needed.

According to the Concierge Medicine Research Collective, the number of physicians who offer some form of concierge practice in 2013 was about 5,000 – up from the 4,400 the year before – and it certainly looks like the trend is moving persistently upward.

In the article, Helton notes that she has seen a number of doctors leave larger practices to go “free agent” with a concierge-type service to avoid the hassles of the changes in the new ACA regulations and compensation formulas. “They figure, ‘If I’m going to work harder to make even less, there have got to be better ways to make money,” Helton said.

Health care trend watchers forecast more doctors offering more boutique services and people willing to pay for these services as the market becomes more crowded and the number of doctors drops over the next few years.

The full article can be found here: A Personal Touch.


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