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Looking to avoid employee lawsuits? Here are some tips.

Attorney Bradley R. Johnson shared his knowledge and insight regarding employee litigation for a recent article for the Jacksonville Business Journal.

The article outlines several things a company can do to help defend against employee litigation and steps that should be taken to prevent or lessen the damages of potential lawsuits.

Johnson points out that the single most important step an employer can do to prevent employee-based lawsuits is to have employee and supervisor training.  Keeping them up to speed on what the laws are and what the proper practices are is a big deal.

The steps that an employer should do once an issue has been brought to a supervisor’s attention is to not ignore it and follow up on it as if there was an actual lawsuit. The law says even if you have a violation but follow up on it and correct it immediately, then you might have a great defense. And companies should start documenting everything from the beginning.

If a lawsuit has been filed, then the company should react immediately by grabbing the hard drive and start talking to the people who had some sort of knowledge of the complaint.

One of the things about employment cases is that the case has to be filed much sooner than other torts. Employment cases, generally, must be filed within a year. And if you have good documentation to start with, then you could potentially stop a case early and save money in legal fees.


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