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904 Magazine Utilizes Attorney Insight on Data Breach Article

The recent issue of 904 Magazine featured an article titled “Data Breach: Your Company Has Been Hacked, Now What?” utilizing knowledge and expertise from firm attorney R. Christopher Dix.

The article focuses on the fact that there is no safe haven for American consumers in the hacker collective’s assault on personal data. Millions of Americans find their financial information stolen and their accounts plundered by hackers who have exploited security vulnerabilities at many national retailers.

The Florida Information Protection Act of 2014 was passed in July, which requires Florida businesses to inform consumers by letter within 30 days of any illegal access to their accounts. Compliance with the revamped statute is mandatory, and businesses that don’t adhere to the law open themselves up to penalties of up to $500,00 per incident.

In the article, Dix notes that lessening a business’ exposure to data incident or breach is a multi-step process and outlines a few methods for complying with the Florida statute and potentially deferring data theft by establishing data breach protocols for IT and HR departments, ensuing third-party vendors are compliant with data regulations and implementing mobile device policies.

Dix states, “With the increasing number of businesses allowing employees to access company information on mobile phones and tablets, data policies should be reviewed regularly and revised as needed to ensure that customer information does not fall into the wrong hands.”

Businesses should consider encrypting all mobile devices and portable storage devices before allowing employees to store company information on them.

Read the full article here: Data Breach.

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