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Pursuit of Ch. 415 Neglect or Abuse

The Florida Bar Journal recently published an article written by firm attorney Stephen P. Smith titled ‘Pursuit of Ch. 415 Neglect or Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult Claims Against Hospitals in Florida.’

The article focuses on the Florida law that provides statutory causes of action for medical malpractice (F.S. Ch. 766) and neglect of a vulnerable person (Ch. 415) and discusses efforts by injured patients to recover against hospitals under Ch. 415 rather than Ch. 766.

Specifically, the article addresses 1) whether a Ch. 415 neglect of a vulnerable adult claim is an available remedy for a patient to pursue recovery against a hospital; and 2) if so, what actions by the hospital or its staff can serve as a foundation for a patient’s Ch. 415 claim.

Stephen practices in the areas of medical malpractice, healthcare litigation and commercial litigation in state and federal courts.

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