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Steve Busey Named Trustee Emeritus of Episcopal School of Jacksonville

Smith Hulsey & Busey’s chairman Steve Busey has been named Trustee Emeritus of the Episcopal School of Jacksonville in recognition of his 37 years of service to the school.

Busey has served as a member of Episcopal’s Board of Trustees and Chancellor of the school since 1981. The school’s Trustee Emeritus designation was a recognition of how Busey’s service on the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees has helped guide the school in honoring the school’s founding Christian education charter.

David Hodges, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Episcopal, expressed his appreciation for Busey and his vast contributions to the development and success of the school. According to Hodges, Busey “has not sought to leave much of a footprint at Episcopal, but in serving so quietly and so well for so long, his is larger than anyone’s.”

Hodges conveyed that Busey is the lodestar for the school being aligned with its mission and founding principles.

In addition to serving as Chairman of the firm, Busey remains active and involved with many civic and professional organizations throughout Jacksonville.

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