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Andrew Sauer Presented on Principles of Medical Documentation from a Medicolegal Perspective

Smith Hulsey & Busey’s healthcare litigation lawyer Dr. Andrew Sauer recently presented on “Principles of Documentation from a Medicolegal Perspective” at the University of Florida College of Medicine Fellows conference.

Dr. Sauer discussed the importance of medical chart documentation in a manner that accurately and effectively communicates pertinent clinical information. He also reviewed the importance of documenting to reduce the risk of litigation and improve defensibility should litigation occur.

In the new age of the electronic health records, the final form in which health information is displayed is not always apparent to the doctor doing the documenting in real time. Dr. Sauer shared best practices and recommendations on how to document so as to effectively communicate medical information.

It is important for physicians to document medical information so that it accurately communicates a patient’s clinical information. Physicians should also be mindful of the potential medicolegal implications of the records they create in caring for patients.

Dr. Sauer frequently speaks on medical and legal topics to a variety of audiences, particularly related to risk management and medical malpractice litigation.

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