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Labor and Employment Defense Attorneys in Jacksonville, FL

Smith Hulsey & Busey assists clients throughout Florida in employment law matters and disputes. Our employment attorneys have extensive experience in all sectors of the economy, including healthcare, childhood services, education, automotive retail, sports, transportation, technology and more. 

Businesses of all sizes in every industry are impacted by rapidly changing employment laws. We provide small and medium-sized companies with strategic legal counseling, HR compliance and practical advice to minimize liability and prevent litigation whenever possible. 

We understand that careful planning before terminating or disciplining an employee is vital to risk mitigation. Our lawyers regularly assist clients with pre-separation and pre-decision counseling to develop a thoughtful plan of action before taking that first step. When litigation does arise, our seasoned trial lawyers are then prepared with a well-reasoned defense.

We also assist employers and individuals in negotiating non-compete, non-solicit and non-disclosure agreements. We draw upon our firm’s experience in transactional, tax and regulatory law to provide comprehensive advice. 

The shift in labor markets and employee expectations that began during COVID has led many small and medium-sized companies to hire remote employees who work throughout the United States. Smith Hulsey & Busey advises companies on how to identify and navigate the laws applicable in those employees’ residencies to help prevent legal action and minimize this new risk exposure.

Our services include: 

  • Employment discrimination and retaliation
  • HR compliance 
  • Wrongful termination claims
  • Employment agreements & restrictive covenants
  • Separation planning & separation agreements
  • Employee benefits
  • Employment policies and handbooks
  • Wage & hour compliance and claims
  • FLMA and ADA compliance
  • Unemployment compensation
  • OSHA and workplace safety compliance


  • Supported clients through the COVID crisis, including providing frequent updates on employer obligations under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and CARES Act, negotiating and documenting changes in pay and work hours necessitated by the financial impact of the pandemic, best practices for returning employees to the workplace, and management of associated ADA and FMLA issues.
  • Retained by a national venture capital firm to complete an independent, confidential investigation of whistleblower allegations involving wrongful termination, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and a hostile work environment.
  • Assisted an employer in resolving a delicate Americans with Disabilities Act claim brought by a former employee.
  • Advised a client in planning and conducting a staged reduction in workforce to avoid incurring WARN Act obligations and ensured separation documentation complied with additional requirements of the Older Workers Benefits Protection Act.
  • Represented an employer in an emergency injunction against violence proceedings against a former executive who voiced threats against colleagues during a termination meeting.
  • Assisted a client in recovering a breach of contract action against a former employer who refused to pay post-employment benefits.
  • Counseled numerous employers in anticipation of terminations to mitigate potential liability, including advice regarding documentation of factual predicate for termination and preparation of valid separation agreements with included general releases. 


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